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High Quality and Cost-Effective

Fineblanking creates superior components with clean shear, sharp-cut edges and excellent flatness - at a lower cost per unit.

Our fineblanking process reliably holds true position and tight tolerances to produce complex 3D parts required to save weight and cost in today’s advanced automotive transmissions. Fineblanking also successfully manufactures other car and truck parts for seating, safety and engine applications.


Precision for complex components

Multiple processing steps are combined into a single stroke of our fineblanking presses. This approach significantly increases productivity. Secondary processes can be reduced or eliminated as a result.


Higher productivity

Feintool is a global technology and manufacturing solutions provider for the series production next-generation components for advanced powertrains and other automotive parts, as well as for the medical, power generation and consumer products industries.


Worldwide production capability

What's behind our technology

Fineblanking creates smooth, quadrilateral, crack-free and burr-free surfaces on components that remain flat and level. Additional finishing on the contours is generally not required. Feintool has developed presses, tooling and unique processes that enable extremely complex, ready-for-assembly, multifunctional parts to be produced cost-effectively.