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Superior Forming

Components with complex geometries are manufactured
in a single operation using our advanced cold-forming technology
with little or no mechanical or secondary processing.

Forming is perfect for applications that require cost-efficient, high-precision and high-volume production 24/7. Our cutting-edge mechanical servo or hydraulic blanking and punching processes are flexibly combined to reliably produce and reduce the cost of net shape parts.


Complex and Precise

Targeted forming using up to 12 tooling stations creates assembly-ready parts with different wall thicknesses. We ensure components meet the tight tolerances that customers require while also reducing weight and cost. Depending on the material, subsequent heat treatment is no longer required.


Reduce time and cost

Our forming presses are not only precise, but they also produce more than 600 parts per hour - around the clock.


High-volume manufacturing

What's behind our technology

Lightweight, ready-to-assemble transmission components now can be formed, fineblanked, in-tool rolled and finished in a single run on a 1,600-ton direct servo transfer press Feintool added in Nashville, Tenn. We fully integrate multiple fineblanking operations to produce three-dimensional formed, lightweight components with fineblanked part features in critical areas with repeatable precision and high-quality finishes.